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I wanted to play Emily’s role – Fella Makafui opens up on why she snubbed YOLO

Ghanaian entertainer, producer, and entrepreneur Fella Makafui got serious about her nonattendance from the most recent time of the famous television series, YOLO.

In spite of acquiring huge openness from her job in the show, Makafui made sense of her choice not to take part in the new season. The actress said that she didn't want to play "Serwaa" again because she wanted a more difficult role. Makafui uncovered her previous experience offering bread and her hesitance to keep depicting comparable characters on screen.

In contrast to her previous roles, she expressed a keen interest in playing Cyril's girlfriend "Emily." Makafui decided not to take on the role of Serwaa because she believed in her abilities and wanted roles that showed off her acting range. In a recent interview that she gave for TV3's "The Afternoon Show," she stated, "I declined taking the role of Serwaa... I believed so much in myself that back then I did not know that as an actor, I had to go through that process."

She made these remarks. I wanted to play Emily, but I was told to play Serwaa because I was already selling bread for my mother before I moved to Accra, so why would I be doing the same thing in a movie? She underscored her excursion from humble starting points and her desire for additional powerful characters in her acting profession.

This disclosure reveals insight into the intricacies entertainers face in exploring their jobs and the significance of testing oneself imaginatively.


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