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“I wanna get citizenship in Ghana” – Meek Mill

American rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams, famously known as Meek Mill, says he is thinking about gaining Ghanaian citizenship.

The rapper confronted criticism in the earlier year for shooting a music video inside Ghana’s presidential palace.

Through a post on X (previously Twitter), Meek Mill voiced uneasiness with his ongoing day to day environment in the US. The rapper expressed; "I want to get citizenship in Ghana!!!! America made to destroy black men in the event that you don't follow orders!"

This isn't the underlying event the rapper has referenced Ghana since his underlying visit in 2023. During a back and forth discussion on X in October 2023, Meek Mill uncovered his goal to return to Ghana.

Despite the fact that he didn't determine an exact date, Meek Mill swore to sign a craftsman from Ghana during his impending excursion. His underlying visit mixed discussion when he recorded a music video at the Celebration House, drawing analysis from Ghanaians.

Allegations of "spoiling" the Jubilee House surfaced, with MPs voicing worries about potential security chances. In a proclamation, Factory said he would "get a sense of ownership with my slip-up. To individuals of Ghana, no video I drop is at any point intended to slight individuals of Ghana," he composed.

"The quickest method for making association is through music [sic] and I needed to do that with showing craftsmanship. I'm in my 30s from America and had close to zero familiarity with the way of life." He added that authorities for Ghana's leader, Nana Akufo-Addo, might not have known he was shooting a music video, saying the set-up had been "a little camera and a youngster".

In the mean time, this improvement follows virtual entertainment hypothesis proposing that he may be one of the anonymous performers apparently engaged with sexual relations with Sean 'Diddy' Brushes. These charges arose in a claim against the American music big shot, blaming him for rape and sex dealing.

Be that as it may, the craftsman's personality stays undisclosed in the freely accessible records, and he has not been straightforwardly blamed for any bad behavior in the claim documented by Rodney "Lil Pole" Jones.


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