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I’ve raised 50 people from the dead in the past year – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome claims

A viral video circling on social media includes a live message by prestigious Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, where he strongly broadcasts to have brought back in excess of 50 people from the dead inside the previous year.

The appointed minister accentuated that these marvelous occasions are supernaturally coordinated and oppose coherent clarification. He reiterated the inexplicable nature of such miracles during his interactions with congregation members, asserting that even he cannot fully comprehend the significance of these occurrences.

"In the beyond one year, I have raised in excess of 50 individuals from the dead," Pastor Chris Oyakhilome expressed. The video has lighted a tempest of contention on the web, with many communicating skepticism in Pastor Oyakhilome's cases, while others stand firm in their adherence to Christian lessons.


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