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I’ve never had a beef with Daddy Lumba; our fans were rather bitter rivals – Nana Acheampong

Legendary Highlife performer Nana Acheampong exposed longstanding bits of gossip about hostility among him and individual symbol Daddy Lumba.

Tending to the view of a quarrel, Nana Acheampong explained that their partition after their experience as the Lumba Siblings was not established in any disunity. The musical split was not the result of personal or financial disagreements, contrary to popular belief. Nana Acheampong underscored that their splitting was a characteristic development in their melodic excursions, not an aftermath filled by competition or dispute.

"It might look like we began this hamburger peculiarity, however my sibling and I, with whom individuals say I had a meat, had nothing sick happening between us. We didn't have a problem for one day. “What transpired was that we parted ways after producing music together for some time. He stated, "People thought it was about money or women."

"The fans were harmed on the grounds that they had respected us as a pair of youthful skilled music entertainers, and separating, for their purposes, was a sign that something important had caused it," he made sense of. Considering the repercussions of their partition, he portrayed how their fans separated into groups similar to football clubs, showing the extraordinary dependability and energy encompassing their music.

"At the point when we broke into two distinct music brands, it additionally separated the fans, causing competition like the one between football crews Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko, battling for one prize." In spite of periodic melodious conflicts in their tunes, Nana Acheampong explained that these were not deliberate diss tracks yet rather part of the imaginative articulation that described their time of Highlife music.

"The Football Clubs of Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba." "They were battling, however my sibling and I had no hamburger between us," he pushed. "We didn't do what is done now where there is compromise and verbal trades." he expressed unequivocally, featuring that their music was an impression of life encounters as opposed to designated assaults. He acknowledged that certain songs "clashed."

In any case, concerning Daddy Lumba tunes that appeared to focus on him, he advertised, "As I would see it, those tunes were not made about me. I don't claim them for myself or the other way around. He stated, "These were simply songs we released to entertain our fans." The meeting shed light on the rich history shared by Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba, from their starting points as the Lumba Siblings to their singular accomplishments in the music business.

It highlighted a story of shared regard and melodic development as opposed to ill will, clearing up everything on a longstanding misinterpretation in Ghanaian music history.

The most recent collaboration between Nana Acheampong and Fameye, titled "Ye Wo Nyame," continues to highlight his timeless talent and contribution to the vibrant Highlife tradition.


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