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I’ve heard it all before!- Kofi Kinaata claps back at death prophecy

Once again, the music scene in Ghana is rife with controversy! Award winning performer Kofi Kinaata has at long last ended his quietness on the new demise prediction that sent shockwaves through the business.

In the event that you missed it, a video of one Missionary BB Fredrick making critical forecasts about Kinaata's life became a web sensation only days prior. The prophetic admonition of fast approaching peril had fans and devotees pausing their breathing in anticipation. However, Kofi Kinaata is not one to be rattled by prophecy's winds! In a selective meeting on Euphoria Prime's morning show, the "Things Go to pieces" maestro got over the unfavorable gauge with a relaxed shrug.

"I would try and prefer not to discuss it. That is the very thing he has seen, and he's platitude it. Perhaps me as well; I have seen it, and I haven't emerged to say it," Kinaata commented with the quiet certainty of a genuine star. Yet, here's the kicker: this isn't Kinaata's most memorable rodeo with prescience! Since he first appeared on the music scene, the man himself claims that these divine predictions have become a monthly occurrence.

"I hear this consistently, some of the time in a month it would come from better places," he uncovered, revealing insight into the routineness of these powerful admonitions.

Kofi Kinaata, on the other hand, maintains his faith amidst the prophecy storm. He shared that his commitment to prayer, which he does five times a day, is motivated not by a fear of death but by his own Christian beliefs.


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