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I sold my land to the murdered soldier – Landowner speaks on Kasoa millennium incident

Private developer Patrick Ndego shed light on the succession of occasions prompting the shocking passing of military official Michael Danso in Kasoa Millennium City.

As per Ndego, the land being referred to was offered to a fighter, and development initiated subsequently. In any case, Nana Isaac stated responsibility for land, provoking Ndego to report the issue to the police. Ndego discovered ongoing construction, which he deemed unacceptable despite the fact that Isaac and the police chief had both forbidden him from entering the area. Standing up to the laborers prompted a risky experience where he confronted serious hostility, almost costing him his life.

In his record during a meeting on Neat FM, Ndego explained his job as a sold the engineer land to the late military official toward the beginning of January 2024 through mediators. He point by point how Nana Isaac's case upset the development exercises, prompting association with the provincial police leader to determine the question. "Then, at that point, I saw individuals dealing with the land. At the point when I tested them, they didn't move, so I called a trooper to observe what is happening. The watchman called other people who then, at that point, went after me," he said in a meeting on Neat FM.

"From everything that I was said, the tactical officials showed up without bringing any hardship, however Ben Lord ran over Corporal Danso's vehicle and shot him multiple times, bringing about his passing. Ben Lord's aggressive nature is well-known. He as of late wielded a gun at troopers on another property. He likewise undermined my life commonly," he said.

Ndego communicated shock at finding laborers on the land in spite of the boycott, prompting a showdown that raised when he called a trooper as an observer. However, others present attacked him as a result of this action. While Ndego explained that he was absent during the official's homicide, he found out about it through an observer. He described Ben Lord as aggressive and cited previous acts of violence, including threats against his own life, as the source of the tragic incident.

In order to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice, the Ghana Police Service is actively pursuing them.


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