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I rejected $50,000 offer to compose a reggae song for a political party – Shasha Marley

Ghanaian reggae performer Shasha Marley has stood out as truly newsworthy subsequent to uncovering that he turned down a worthwhile proposal of $50,000 from an ideological group in Ghana.

The proposition, which accompanied the state of creating a mission melody for an ideological group, was introduced to him recently. Talking about the experience, Shasha Marley shared that he was at first amped up for the open door when a close buddy reached him about the arrangement.

The possibility of a critical monetary profit kept him conscious around evening time as he pondered the deal. The next day, he met with his companion to talk about the subtleties of the proposition. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the appeal of the significant aggregate, Shasha Marley at last chose to dismiss the proposition.

The defining moment came when he talked with his significant other, who exhorted him against engaging in legislative issues because of its intricacies and likely discussions. "You will be shocked and stunned to know that this year [2024], I dismissed a $50,000 offer from an ideological group to do a reggae melody for them…

"I had a call from an exceptionally close buddy of mine who isn't a legislator, saying he has no joking matter for me. I was unable to rest that evening. The next day, we met and he made sense of for me… "At the point when I got back and advised my better half, she encouraged me against it because of the legislative issues included, and ultimately I concurred and dismissed the deal, " Shasha told Abeiku Santana on the Atuu show circulated on UTV.

The performer's choice reveals insight into the unpredictable connection between the music business and ideological groups during political decision periods in Ghana. It's normal for ideological groups to enroll performers to make crusade melodies pointed toward reverberating with people in general and accumulating support.

In Ghana's political scene, striking performers like Diana Asamoah and Daddy Lumba have created crusade melodies for the New Enthusiastic Party (NPP), while Gem Ackah broadly did likewise for the Public Vote based Congress (NDC). These tunes assume a huge part in molding public discernment and impacting citizen feeling.

Shasha Marley's dismissal of the deal highlights the moral contemplations and individual convictions that specialists explore while drawing in with political elements. While the monetary motivations might be significant, numerous craftsmen, as Shasha Marley, focus on keeping up with freedom and avoiding potential contentions that might emerge from political affiliations.

Generally, Shasha Marley's position mirrors the nuanced choices craftsmen frequently face in offsetting their imaginative honesty with outside open doors, particularly in the domain of legislative issues where devotions can spellbind.


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