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‘I provided 4 cars, rented in a luxurious estate for her – Shatta Wale on claims of abandoning his mother

Amidst online contentions including Shatta Wale, allegations of ignoring his mom frequently emerge. Notwithstanding over and over disproving these cases, the dancehall craftsman has taken additional steps to illustrate his help for his mom.

To counter declarations of deserting, Shatta Wale has point by point different commitments he's made to improve his mom's life. He mentions, among other things, getting her four cars and an expensive apartment in Accra. These disclosures arise as some reprimand Shatta Wale for supposedly ignoring his mom while concentrating on quarrels, remarkably with Stonebwoy.

Shatta Wale was specifically criticized by Ayisha Modi for focusing his energy on conflicts rather than taking care of his mother. While you are unable to feed or care for your own mother, you are insulting someone's deceased mother. You continue to deceive. Bring yourself wai,” an earlier statement was made by Ayisha Modi, a former member of Stonebwoy's camp.

However, Shatta Wale stated, "Everyone in my life has spent my money, including my parents," in response to these claims, which are quickly becoming a "label." That is the reason when I hear individuals discuss my mom, you flabbergast me. Individuals really think I'm not sufficiently reasonable, they think I deserted my mom. They believe that I neglect my mother.

"I gave my mom four vehicles and leased a house at a bequest for her. Even though you don't know about these things, you always talk nonsense about me. She doesn't appreciate everything I did for her.


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