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I never had an issue with Fella Makafui and I don’t wish her harm – Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa, a media personality from Ghana, recently emphasized the significance of women's unity in relationships.

In a meeting with Kojo Sheldon, she tended to the idea of ladies battling about men, especially refering to her own previous relationship with Fella Makafui. Deborah Vanessa emphasized the numerous layers of complexity that exist in relationships.

She focused on that there is no support for ladies to take part in struggle over a man, as they may not know about the full picture or the messages traded in the background. "There is compelling reason need to battle an individual lady over a man. There is such countless layers to this. No one can really tell everything that the man is saying to the woman despite her good faith. I have never disliked Fella Makafui,"Deborah Vanessa expressed.

Concerning separation among Medikal and Fella Makafui, she communicated a casual mentality, expressing, "Everyone go slash breakfast," inferring that life happens notwithstanding heartfelt difficulties.

Deborah Vanessa's message advances fortitude and understanding among ladies, empowering them to focus on shared regard and backing in connections.


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