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I’m unbothered Ghanaians do not recognize my achievements; I know my value – Amandzeba

Renowned Highlife musician Nat Brew prominently known as Amandzeba embraces personal fulfilment over external recognition, testing the traditional meaning of achievement.

The veteran craftsman, celebrated for his heartfelt tunes and persevering through commitments to Ghana's music scene, underscored the meaning of inherent fulfillment and devotion to one's art. In a new meeting with Daily Graphic, the 'Kpalogo Y3de' hitmaker declared that the shortfall of boundless festival doesn't lessen his pride.

Amandzeba has confidence in the force of individual approval, attesting, "Individuals don't be guaranteed to need to praise you to realize that you are getting along nicely." Communicating satisfaction when fans express their adoration for his music, Amandzeba rejects that achievement pivots exclusively on outside honors.

He draws motivation from individual conviction, taking note of, "I realize I have done extraordinary tunes, and on the off chance that individuals acclaim me for it, it is sufficient festival." In disobedience of cultural standards, Amandzeba recognizes the difficulties looked by striking figures, as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, were not sufficiently celebrated. "Individuals don't be guaranteed to need to commend you to realize that you are getting along admirably.

I have had this conviction that I am commended when individuals let me know they love my music. I realize I have done extraordinary tunes and assuming individuals acclaim me for it, it is sufficient festival. "Here Dr Kwame Nkrumah was toppled after all he accomplished for Ghana. Anything great that comes from this nation won't be praised well so I take relief from the way that I am not doing music to be commended," he said in a meeting with Day to day Realistic.

"So don't feel terrible as a performer that Ghana doesn't celebrate you. At the point when you trust in yourself and the item you have, individuals will cherish you for it," he added. He urges individual performers not to be discouraged by an absence of acknowledgment, underscoring that self-conviction and commitment to one's art will draw in veritable appreciation.

Working One Ghana, a scene on the Spintex Street, Amandzeba gives a stage to arising craftsmen to perform live and advances the rich legacy of Highlife music.

Past his notable hits like 'Toffee,' 'Aso,' 'Medo,' 'Kotosa,' and 'Deeba,' which have procured him different honors, Amandzeba considers himself to be an extension between the over a significant time span, mixing old tunes with a cutting edge wind.


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