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I’m not interested in features both local, global ; I ride solo – Wiyaala

Ghanaian Afro-pop star Noella Wiyaala Nwadei accentuates the worth of significant coordinated efforts over monetary interests, declaring her lack of engagement in paid highlights.

Wiyaala accepts that coordinated efforts ought to mean feelings, energies, and associations as opposed to just money related exchanges. She condemns the thought of paying heavy sums for highlights, stating that it likens to buying the craftsman instead of valuing the imaginative worth.

Wiyaala's position mirrors her conviction that joint efforts ought to be valid and hold huge significance past an agreement.

"Coordinated efforts should accompany a huge importance, it ought to be in excess of a cooperation, I don't have confidence in purchasing a craftsman or purchasing their specialty, it ought to be unique and hold importance," Wiyaala expressed.


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