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I’m happy my movies shot 20 years ago are still making an impact – Osita Iheme

Veteran Nigerian entertainer, Osita Iheme has offered his thanks for the persevering through pertinence of clasps from his films going back many years, as they keep on resounding in mainstream society and virtual entertainment discussions.

During a new media interview, Iheme shared his appreciation for the utilization of these clasps and screen captures, frequently transformed into images, which he sees as a demonstration of his effect and the crowd's persevering through profound respect for his acting ability.

"Seeing the life span of your work and the continuous appreciation from individuals, even after numerous years is encouraging. The way that these clasps are as yet esteemed and generally utilized today shows that they are viewed as resources," commented Osita Iheme. In spite of certain clasps being recorded a long time back, Iheme is thankful that they stay engaging and act as articulations of contemporary feelings.

"Perceiving how individuals can in any case associate and use these minutes to convey their sentiments today gives me pleasure," he added. At 42 years of age, Osita Iheme has been an unmistakable figure in the Nigerian entertainment world since the mid 2000s.

He rose to notoriety close by Chinedu Ikedieze following the outcome of the 2003 film "Aki na Ukwa." Along these lines, he showed up in various famous motion pictures, for example, "Mr Ibu," "Child Police," "Daddy Should Comply," "Two Rodents," "Town Rapscallions," among others.


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