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I knew I would be great but didn’t know how tough the journey would be – Comedian Jacinta

Ghanaian comedian Jacinta Ocansey as of late shared her excursion in satire, communicating shock at the troubles she looked in spite of her underlying expectations for progress.

Known as the 'Queen of Comedy,' Jacinta uncovered in a meeting with Joy Entertainment’s Becky that while she generally longed for a bright future in comedy, the truth of the difficulties surpassed her assumptions. Pondering her encounters, Jacinta recognized that the way to progress in satire is loaded up with fights and difficulties that strengthen as one trips higher.

In spite of these obstacles, not set in stone, powered by her energy for satire. "I generally realize that I would be perfect yet I figure I didn't have any idea how extreme it would be. Nothing at any point sets you up for how extreme the excursion gets, it resembles another level, another fiend.

"The higher you go, the more things you need to fight with, the way that you must be preferable over the last, nothing sets you up for that except for it has been an astonishing journey,"Jacinta expressed.

Jacinta displayed her comedic ability in different shows across Ghana and Nigeria, incorporating Parody Night with Buchi (Lagos), Shakara and the Group (Lagos), and numerous others.

Her versatility and obligation to her specialty keep on motivating hopeful joke artists in the business.


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