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I hardly win awards in Nigeria because I always turn down sex requests – Yemi Alade

Nigerian music star Yemi Alade has as of late revolted against the difficulties looked by ladies in the country's entertainment scene, explicitly resolving the issue of lewd behavior and its effect on career acknowledgment.

Alade stated that her refusal to participate in sexual exercises with men in the business has prompted her being disregarded for grants and open doors. In her open explanation, Alade featured the unavoidable idea of lewd gestures in the Nigerian diversion area, expressing, "There was a period in the business when everybody needed to lay down with me, and it was like, 'Yemi, in the event that you don't do this, you will not have that.'

Today, men are the explanation I don't win grants in Nigeria." The craftsman proceeded to clear up that she pursued a cognizant choice for focus on her nobility and respectability over undermining her standards for proficient increases. This decision, as per Alade, brought about various botched open doors and an absence of acknowledgment from industry grant shows.

"going down with men resembled a scaffold I needed to cross to get on certain stages, get a few arrangements and even honors. At the point when I settled on my choice never to participate in sexual exercises for gains, loads of chances were consequently obstructed for me.

"Wonder why Yemi Alade who is the most seen and most bought in Nigerian female artiste on YouTube gains practically no appreciation from grant shows a large number of years. In any event, during twitter discusses, nobody makes reference to Yemi Alade as quite possibly of the greatest female artiste in Nigeria.

"They truly obstructed everything for me. Be that as it may, I'm happy coz I have my poise, I have my life, I'm making cool money or more all, I have fans who love me so much," Yemi Alade expressed. In spite of these difficulties, Alade stays versatile and appreciative for her committed fan base, recognizing that while an entryways might have shut because of her position, she esteems the help and love she gets from her fans.

The acclaimed vocalist's comments shed light on a more extensive issue inside Nigeria's diversion scene, provoking conversations about the treatment of ladies and the significance of legitimacy based acknowledgment in the business.


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