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“I fast and pray but I don’t believe in speaking in tongues” – Strongman

Ghanaian rapper Strongman has uncovered his position on praying in different tongues, expressing that he doesn't have confidence in it.

He acknowledged that he regularly prays, albeit not in tongues, and emphasized having a strong connection with his Creator during an interview with Joy Prime on the Prime Morning show. The rapper went on to say that he prays while driving, eating, and getting ready to release new music, among other activities.

He shared an occasion with respect to the arrival of his melody 'Transformer', expressing that he abstained and petitioned God for three back to back days in advance. I do pray frequently. I don't go to church very often, but I do pray a lot. Never before have I prayed in tongues. Sincerely, I don't much believe in it." He said that praying in a language he doesn't understand would be strange.

However, the rapper made it clear that he is not attempting to discourage others from putting their beliefs into practice. Instead, he emphasized that the issue is purely one of personal conviction because it does not resonate with him. "I simply say saying it: 'God, I'm going to Accra how I'm assumed. Assist me with coming to securely' and that is all there is to it, I'm finished," he said.

Strongman, conceived Osei Kwaku Vincent, is generally viewed as one of the top-level rappers in the country.


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