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“I don’t take any of my friends to any shrine and take their shine” – Salma Mumin

Given Hajia4Reall's new difficulties, numerous online have considered the reason why two of Salma Mumin's dear companions, Moesha and Hajia4Reall, appear to be confronting strife while Salma keeps on prospering.

Hajia4Reall is right now entrapped in lawful issues in the US concerning a $2 million sentiment trick, while reports propose Moesha is wrestling with a stroke, provoking a flood of inquiries among netizens. At the point when insight about Moesha's sickness surfaced, concerns emerged over Salma's obvious quietness regarding this situation, compared with her broad voyages and undertakings.

Soon after Hajia4Reall's capture, Salma sent off her 'Draw by Salma' clothing line, got ambassadorial jobs, and exhibited her extravagant way of life online without recognizing her companions' difficulties. As of late, she recognized a run in with Moesha, and bits of gossip flowed that she had likewise moved away from Hajia4Reall before her capture.

Deloris Frimpong Manso (Postponement), who went over such hypotheses on the web, made a move to test Salma for replies during Salma's appearance on The Defer Show.

Delay, partially through her discussion with Salma Mumin inquired, "There have been claims that at whatever point you get to know somebody, they fall into serious difficulty that wind up annihilating their lives. They said you like juju (dark appeal) a ton, and you ordinarily take them to hallowed places to obliterate their lives while you thrive.

They said that is precisely exact thing you did to Moesha and Hajia4Reall." Salma who stayed cool headed answered: "The day I saw such remarks, I cried. I inquired as to whether I were the person who was trapped in an awful circumstance like Moesha and Hajia4Reall, could individuals have expressed exactly the same things about them? I can never do that.

It hasn't occurred to me." Salma added, "I counsel no god; I don't take any of my companions to any hallowed place and take their sparkle. God is the one I gaze upward to. Perhaps such things happened to them incidentally." Delay further tested: "Yet isn't it excessively incidental?" Salma answered: "Excessively unintentional? That I took two of my dearest companions to the hallowed place to obliterate their lives? They were created stories by individuals on the web.

Everybody can simply sit some place and manufacture lies." Inquired as to why she is partial to keeping an excessive number of companions, Salma answered, "For my entire life, I have strolled alone. I didn't encounter the sort of affection generally gotten from kin since I didn't live with my folks.

I never had a many individuals living with me as a family. Thus, growing up, when somebody shows me little love, I draw them close."

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