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I do not depend on men for survival; I’ve a legitimate business – Salma Mumin

Ghanaian entertainer and business visionary Salma Mumin got serious about her way of life decisions and heartfelt inclinations, gladly embracing the expression "slay queen" to depict her affection for extravagance and richness.

In an exclusive meeting with Postponement, she examined her appreciation for liberal and princely men, revealing insight into the advancing significance of the expression "kill sovereign." Salma explained that being a "kill sovereign" initially alluded to people with major areas of strength for a sense, which resounds with her appreciation for the better things throughout everyday life. "I can say I'm a kill sovereign since I love a decent life," she certified, considering the changing view of the term.

The entertainer underlined her inclination for accomplices who are both liberal and monetarily well-off. "I'm fortunate with regards to somebody who is liberal," she admitted, featuring her lack of engagement in accomplices who are not monetarily fruitful. Tending to misinterpretations, Salma emphasized her commitment to difficult work, ascribing her prosperity and rich way of life to her pioneering adventures.

She called attention to that her attire and food organizations have been urgent in subsidizing her luxurious way of life, exhibiting the monetary freedom she has accomplished. "Indeed, my attire business and food adventures support my excursions," she expressed gladly.

"I'm an exceptionally lovely lady, however my prosperity is a consequence of difficult work and business venture, not simply appearances."


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