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I caught my ex-wife sending nudes to her lover in Dubai – Erico opens up on divorce

Gospel performer and season 3 winner of Mentor fame Eric Oduro, known as Erico, has focused on the frightening reason behind his separation, revealing insight into his ex's selling out including naked photographs shipped off a sweetheart in Dubai.

In a restrictive meeting on Emelia Brobbey's Okukuseku show, Erico uncovered the breakdown of trust that prompted the disintegration of his marriage. He related finding his significant other's treachery when he faked a terminal sickness to test her devotion during his fight with kidney illness.

At first strong, Erico's better half took a sensational turn, taking part in express discussions and sharing cozy photographs with her sweetheart while he was in a similar room. "I was on the bed professing to be snoozing and she was on the love seat. I heard the camera clicking on different occasions and I thought she was taking photographs of me in my weak state.

Notwithstanding, when I turned, I understood she was stripped and sending the photographs to a man whom she was conversing with on telephone. I heard her let him know if he on the off chance that 'he was aching for her photographs, he ought to stand by till she shows him legitimate bedmatics".

The last blow came while Erico, claiming to rest, saw his better half sending naked pictures and promising union with her Dubai sweetheart, under the bogus supposition of Erico's approaching end.

Facing her and focusing on his prosperity, Erico went with the hard decision to leave their home and end the marriage, zeroing in now on his gospel service after an effective recuperation.


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