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I call my music Afrofusion not Afrobeats – Davido

Nigerian music icon Davido has explained that his music style ought to be sorted as Afrofusion, reducing most, if not all, connection with the broadly utilized term Afrobeat.

Afrobeat, which was famously started by Fela Kuti, is now used to describe all African music, regardless of genre or style. Davido expressed his dissatisfaction with this labeling trend, noting that artists from a variety of musical genres frequently fall under the category of "Afrobeats," whether they prefer rap styles like Drake's or R&B like Summer Walker or SZA.

Numerous African artists share this opinion, feeling restricted by the overall classification of Afrobeats no matter what their special melodic articulations. Notably, this classification had previously been criticized by Wizkid, Burna Boy, and Fireboy. Talking on the Business Untitled Web recording, Davido stressed the worldwide acknowledgment of African music, particularly by the UK and later the US, which at first named it Afrobeats.

Davido emphasized that his music, which he refers to as "Afrofusion," encompasses a blend of influences that transcend a single genre, despite the convenience of having a genre label. "The primary spot that acknowledged African music outside Africa was the UK before America later joined. African music was known as Afrobeats in the UK.

When we are categorized as Afrobeats, I am not offended. That is, we require a genre. It could be Afropop or R&B. Although "O put Afrofusion on my song" is not my thing, I refer to my music as Afrofusion. I know what amount of time it required for African music to become standard," Davido expressed.

His position is indicative of a broader discussion taking place within the African music industry regarding the requirement of nuanced genre distinctions in order to better represent the diverse musical landscape.


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