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“I bought Afronita a GHC20,000 phone to celebrate her on her birthday” – Champion Rolie clarifies

A member of the DWP (Dance With Purpose) academy, Champion Rolie, has excused reports recommending a heartfelt inclusion with his partner artist, Afronita.

In a forthcoming interview with Delay, Champion Rolie declares that his bond with Afronita is simply non-romantic. He depicts her as his nearest comrade, likened to his closest companion. With respect to choice to present Afronita an iPhone 15 Genius Max esteemed at 20,000 Ghana Cedis, Champion Rolie makes sense of it was basically a birthday present.

He underscores that as somebody profoundly associated with Afronita, he needed to add to making her birthday festivity really noteworthy. He said, "She is my PP. meaning she is my personal person.

She is my number one persona and she was praising her birthday so I purchased an iPhone 15 Promax worth Ghc 20,000 to commend her".


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