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I believe in God but I don’t practice his principles – Sister Derby

Ghanaian artist and model, Sister Derby, has stirred social media with her new disclosure that, regardless of having confidence in God, she moves away from any religious connection.

In a meeting with YFm, Derby communicated her conviction that religion fills in as the foundation of much fiendish in the nation, driving her to altogether dismiss it.

She stated during the interview that religion is the driving force behind this discrimination, resulting in people harboring unfounded hatred for one another.

Sister Derby's position on supporting the LGBT people group has been predictable, offering her new remarks lined up with her past promotion.

Regardless of her firm convictions, social media users have not wondered whether or not to reprimand her, marking her as mistaken for her flighty viewpoint on otherworldliness and religion.

"Religion is the main driver of everything evil, am not religious yet I have confidence in supernatural power."

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