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“I am not married but my brains are working” – Delay’s response to fan questioning her marital status

Delay, a Ghanaian superstar, regularly faces tension about marriage from fans. Notwithstanding her achievements as a career lady and effective money manager, certain individuals appear to dismiss her because of her unmarried status.

Essentially every post she shares prompts requests from inquisitive fans encouraging her to wed. In Africa, unmarried ladies are frequently seen as weights or disappointments, no matter what their accomplishments. Be that as it may, Postpone won't be put down.

She reliably answers the individuals who censure her single status. In a new communication, a fan remarked on one of her posts, taking note of her absence of a spouse notwithstanding her accomplishments.

Delay countered, stressing that while she might not have a spouse, her insight permits her to procure a huge pay.


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