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How does changing of names of universities solve increase in graduate unemployment- Mahama questioned

Koku Anyidoho, a former Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has expressed doubt about the plan that former President John Dramani Mahama has for renaming public universities when he takes office in 2025.

Anyidoho scrutinized Mahama's accentuation on renaming organizations, stating that the emphasis ought to be on work creation and propelling a superior Ghana plan during his expected administration.

Anyidoho asked, "How does that solve graduate unemployment?" during a Peace FM discussion. Name changes are common; the inquiry is, what effect does renaming have, and we are involving it as an instrument for political unremarkableness."

He kept on underscoring that the Public Popularity based Congress (NDC) ought to focus on convincing people in general to collect decisions in favor of the party.

Anyidoho communicated dissatisfaction at the resistance permitting the decision party to set the plan, stating, "We have plunked down as a resistance, and we are permitting the decision party to set a plan. It's irritating and agonizing. Anyway, assuming Bawumia comes and conveys his public location, remembering this for his entries, what is he going to do?" Anyidoho took a test.

John Mahama has pronounced that assuming the NDC comes into office in 2025, it will return the names of state funded colleges.

Mahama denounced the New Energetic Party (NPP) legislature of only renaming colleges developed by the NDC, underlining that the NPP had not laid out any new colleges while in office.

Mahama stated that while organization blocks, inns, and libraries could bear the names of people, the center names of state funded colleges ought to mirror their unique reason.

"Thus we will reestablish the first names, and the names that they have given them, will be given to a huge foundation in the Colleges.

"We will add others and name the framework in the Colleges after them. Yet, assuming the College is College for Advancement Studies, that is all there is to it center order. It will be known as the College for Advancement Studies," he expressed.

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