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How did you get so much wealth in 7 years? Magic, merit or mangling? – Franklin Cudjoe asks young politicians

President of the Policy Think Tank IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, has raised worries about the abrupt abundance aggregation of youthful legislators in Ghana.

He communicated shock at the critical abundance amassed by these government officials inside a brief period, particularly taking into account the country's continuous monetary difficulties. Mr Cudjoe addressed whether the recently discovered abundance of these legislators was procured through genuine means or on the other hand on the off chance that it was a consequence of defilement or abuse of public assets.

He featured the difference between the developing abundance of these people and the deteriorating multi-faceted neediness experienced by millions in the country. In a web-based entertainment post, Mr Cudjoe indicated getting data about the abundance of these legislators, proposing that they had next to no prior to coming to control.

He called for investigation into the wellspring of their abundance, finding out if it was because of their capacities (merit), unlawful exercises (ruining public vaults), or a few other secretive method (enchantment). Mr Cudjoe called out or named no youthful legislator in his post.


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