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How can you tag me with this “lingilingi guy” – Wendy Shay debunks connection to Henry Fritz

Vocalist Wendy Shay, otherwise called Wendy Addo, has fervently denied any heartfelt inclusion with finance manager Henry Fritz, in the midst of whirling on the web tales.

Fitz as of late acquired consideration because of a spilled video including another female superstar. In spite of the fact that hypotheses connected Shay to Fitz following the video's flow, the RuffTown Records craftsman censured these cases, marking them as bogus and advance notice of repercussions for those spreading such deception.

The bits of hearsay encompassing Fitz raised after a video including him and a noticeable media figure surfaced on the web. This occurrence prompted further guess about Fitz's supposed associations with other female big names, including Shay, who was essential for an elegant rundown. Taking to virtual entertainment, Shay communicated her disappointment, especially focusing on the blogger who connected her with Fitz.

She condemned the declining norms of news-casting in Ghana, it were unwarranted and harming to stress that such outlandish cases. In a Twitter post, the 28-year-old craftsman got down on the blogger and scrutinized the validity of the source behind the bits of gossip, declaring that the individual liable for spreading these misrepresentations needed impressive skill.

Shay's firm forswearing and public position against the tales highlight her assurance to address and challenge deceiving stories in the media scene.


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