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How can you be a driver’s mate? Kwesi Pratt quizes Bawumia

Managing Editor of Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jr. has censured VP Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia's new remarks contrasting his job with a driver's mate in the NPP administration.

Pratt blamed Bawumia for sidestepping liability regarding the ongoing financial difficulties and building a bogus story to move away from the government’s disappointments.

During a conversation on Peace FM, Pratt communicated his disappointment, expressing, "Bawumia isn't taking ownership of his reality; he is taking off from the economic wreck they made. Why expect to be a trotro mate on the off chance that you were important for a similar government. Therefore, if the driver makes a mistake, don't blame me for it; he claims he has his own path.

He criticized Bawumia's use of the analogy of being a trotro mate, claiming that it was an effort to shift blame away from the administration's poor management.

Pratt went on to reveal what he believes to be a calculated strategy by asserting that Bawumia's remarks are a scheme to fabricate a lie about a new direction if elected.

The eminent columnist challenges the VP's earnestness, recommending that the relationship is a misleading move to reshape his picture and plan.

The scrutinize comes because of VP Bawumia's convincing location at the University of Professional Studies, Accra, where he framed his vision for Ghana's future in the 2024 general elections.

Bawumia had drawn matches between his momentum job as VP and that of a driver's mate, stressing a groundbreaking vision on the off chance that he expects the presidency.

I'm like a driver's partner as Vice President. However, in the event that, by the Finesse of God, you make me President, I will be in the driver's seat with naturally commanded position to seek after my vision and my needs. Anyway, what is it that I believe should do with regards to vision, needs and arrangements assuming you offer me the chance, by the Beauty of God, to become Leader of the Republic of Ghana?"

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