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Haruna Iddrisu calls for state of emergency in Tamale over water shortages

Tamale South MP, Haruna Iddrisu, has called for urgent government mediation in the Tamale Metropolis, where occupants have been wrestling with extreme water shortages for the past two years.

Tending to Parliament, Iddrisu underscored the desperate nature of the circumstance, ascribing it to deserted water projects that have exacerbated the emergency.

Water shortage has arrived at basic levels in pieces of the Tamale City, with occupants persevering through months without access to clean water.

Intensified by the drying up of water bodies during the harmattan season, the circumstance has constrained numerous to turn to messy water sources for survival.

Residents now rely on murky water from hand-dugout pits behind the Zoomlion Company Limited offices on the Zujung cemetery road, unable to recall the last time water flowed from their taps. Named "mapuka pits" by local people, this shoddy water source has turned into the essential wellspring of water for occupants since the downpours stopped.

During a meeting in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu stressed the seriousness of the water lack circumstance, pushing for a statement of a highly sensitive situation to work with government mediation with important assets.

Also, Sampson Ahi, the MP for Bodi and previous delegate Priest for Works and Lodging, encouraged individual MPs to mobilize support from the public authority, attracting equals to the proactive measures taken by the Mahama organization in tending to comparable difficulties in their networks during their residency.


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