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Gold ‘stolen’ by the British from Asanteman now worth over £2billion – Prof McCaskie

The looted treasures in Kumasi during the Sagrenti War of 1874 may have included more than just artifacts, according to recent revelations.

During a feature address at a discussion remembering the 150th commemoration of the Sagrenti War of 1874 on February 6, 2024, Top of the Focal point of West African Studies at Birmingham College, Prof. Tom McCaskie, noticed that a critical part of the abundance amassed by Asantehene Kofi Karikari's ancestor, Nana Kwaku Dua I, was lost in the plundering, with the whole city of Kumasi left in cinders.

"Kwaku Dua was someone who outrageously authorized the laws of Asante. Simultaneously, he assembled a lot of cash in gold residue essentially yet additionally in species and different things," he said.

The historian explained, building on the significance of the gold, that a sizable sum of money was kept in three distinct locations within Kumasi: Kumasi itself, Aburaso, and Breman. This abundance had been passed down to Kofi Karikari following the demise of Nana Dua in 1867.

At the time Kwaku Dua passed away, Adakakese alone contained more than 400,000 ounces of gold. This in 1867 was worth 1.2 million pounds real. The ongoing worth of the Adakakase is some place more than 2 billion pounds."

"The endeavor to get back the fortunes plundered from Kumasi by Garnet Wolseley in 1874, fails to check since it can't of the gold or gold residue that the English unquestionable necessity diverted with them. We have close to zero insight into this since it was plunder, a confidential plunder thus it is independent from the social curios that Otumfuo is attempting to recover for Asanteman," he added.

It is accepted that the Asantes might be looking for compensation for something other than gold ancient rarities from the English.


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