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GoFundMe support for Kwaw Kese’s best man who is fighting colon cancer in the UK

Ghanaian man, Walter Quartey distinguished to be prestigious performer's Kwaw Kese's best man with spouse a long time back has sprung up as he is in a basic battle for his life against terminal colon disease.

To assist Walter Quartey's family with his ongoing medical treatment, a GoFundMe campaign has been established. Throughout recent years, Walter Quartey has valiantly struggled terminal colon malignant growth. Notwithstanding going through a medical procedure, utilizing a stoma pack, and finishing rounds of chemotherapy, his condition remains incredibly testing.

Clinical reports show that the last accessible chemotherapy drug has just a 0.03% likelihood of coming out on top because of his body's restricted retention limit. With specialists putting him on palliative consideration, Walter Quartey has been given a visualization of a half year to live. The earnest requirement for monetary help to address his raising clinical costs has prompted the making of a GoFundMe page.

Through previous photographs in which Walter served as Kwaw Kese's best man, it has also become clear that Walter Quartey is associated with the well-known musician Kwaw Kese. While the idea of their relationship stays muddled, Kwaw Kese has shared an image of Walter on Facebook, indicating a nearby colleague.

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise money to support Walter Quartey in his courageous fight against terminal colon cancer. It also emphasizes how important it is for the community to support Quartey during difficult times.


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