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Ghanaian veteran sports commentator Joe Lartey dies at 96

Joachim Awuley Lartey, better known as "Over to You Joe Lartey," was a legendary sports commentator who passed away at the age of 96.

The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) affirmed his demise in a proclamation delivered on Saturday, April 27, 2024. The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) wrote, "The Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) announces the death of Mr. Joachim Awuley Lartey aka Joe Lartey on April 26, 2024."

"At 96, late Joe Lartey, who served as SWAG's first President, passed away. In due course, additional information regarding his death and other arrangements will be made public. The distinguished journalist Joe Lartey began his career at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in 1961. At first piece of the discussions and elements division, he later moved to the games division, where he turned into a notable figure.

After the foundation of the Games Scholars Relationship of Ghana (Loot) in 1968, Lartey filled in as its most memorable president, exhibiting his administration and commitment to sports reporting. Lartey worked as a journalist in Nigeria for about a decade of his illustrious career, gaining additional experience and expertise in the field.

One of the features of Lartey's communicating process was his association with the late Lt Col Festus Addae, who might broadly surrender to Lartey by expressing, "Over to you, Joe Lartey!" As a symbol of Lartey's role as the primary commentator, this phrase became well-known among Ghanaian sports journalists and fans.


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