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Ghanaian Doctor suspended for revealing artiste Kuami Eugene’s health status

Amina Haroun, a doctor from Ghana, was suspended after she posted on social media about Kuami Eugene's condition at the University of Ghana Hospital.

Her clinical permit has been suspended for quite some time, during which she is expected to abstain from any clinic related exercises. Public outcry followed Amina Haroun's disclosure of Kuami Eugene's health status following an accident.

The clinic laborer, accepted to be positioned at the clinical office where Kuami Eugene was going through treatment, shared the post via online entertainment. "Kuame Eugene is here at the hospital with us, and it ain't looking good," she wrote in her post.

Compassionately send him a request." Amina has since apologized for her actions and stated that the experience has taught her lessons.

It was before revealed that Ghanaian Highlife artist, Kuami Eugene has been associated with a mishap. As per the reports, the mishap occurred at CP near DSTV, after the Achimota Above towards Dzowulu traffic signal at 11:30 pm with Kuami Eugene steering the ship.

He is said to have run over a stationary truck with his Range Rover Vellar. Despite the fact that the vehicle is ruined, the artist is supposed to do well after he was raced to the College of Ghana clinical focus. Kuami Eugene supposedly broke his wrist and is said to have a profound cut on his right hand.

He was safeguarded by the Supervisor for Current Ghana, Ajarfor who told the site that"I was behind them so I paused and race to protect them that was the point at which I understood it was Kuami Eugene.


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