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Ghanaian dancer, Endurance Grand to serve as a judge in Europe’s largest dance festival in Berlin

Ghanaian dancer Endurance Grand, from the regarded DWP Academy, is ready to exhibit Ghana's energetic dance culture on a worldwide stage.

Chosen to represent the country at the exceptionally expected 2024 Culture Dance Conflict Celebration in Berlin, Germany, Perseverance brings an abundance of ability and social knowledge to Europe's biggest festival of Dark dance societies. Established by Sovereign Ofori and Margarita Bönning-Ofori, the Way of life Dance Conflict Celebration denotes its tenth commemoration this year under the topic "Established Natural products," accentuating the rich legacy and advancement of dance customs.

Booked from the fifteenth to the twentieth of May, the celebration guarantees a unique setup of studios, classes, and the jolting Society Dance Conflict fights. Perseverance Stupendous' cooperation goes past judging and talking; she exemplifies the embodiment of Afro dance styles and will lead a drawing in Afropop studio, encouraging social trade and common learning.

With her irresistible enthusiasm and broad experience, Perseverance is set to leave an enduring effect on this esteemed worldwide stage, certifying the worldwide impact of Ghanaian dance and culture.


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