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Ghanaian Chef Smith surpasses 500 hours in GWR attempt

Ghanaian chef Ebenezer Smith referred to famously as Chef Smith has effectively timed a noteworthy 516 hours and keeps on pushing limits.

Initiating his exceptional cooking long distance race, named the "cook-a-thon," on February first, 2024, Gourmet expert Smith's mission has earned boundless consideration via virtual entertainment, drawing in a different crowd, including noticeable VIPs, who have run to the scene to show their help.

This culinary accomplishment follows the new undertaking by Gourmet specialist Faila, who left on a 10-day cook-a-thon at the Cutting edge City Lodging in Tamale from January 1, 2024, meaning to outperform the ongoing 119-hour record set by Irish cook Alan Fisher. Cook Faila, helped by right hand Culinary expert Malik Eric, tried to outperform Fisher's accomplishment.

A graduate of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the National University of the Philippines, Chef Smith is presently determined to lay out another benchmark with a 360-hour endeavor for the longest cooking long distance race by a person. As of Friday, Chef Smith, who started his earth shattering undertaking on Thursday, February 1, has collected a noteworthy 516 hours and then some.

Empowering individuals to go along with him on this considering adventuring, Culinary expert Smith intends to oust Irish Chef Alan Fisher, who as of now holds the record with a cooking season of 119 hours and 57 minutes.


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