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Ghanaian angel saved me – Popular Nollywood actress heaps praise on taxi driver for returning her phone

An inspiring story has risen up out of Ghana, where a Ghanaian taxi driver‘s trustworthiness and honesty have procured him broad recognition, particularly from a noticeable Nollywood entertainer, Anita Joseph.

During a visit to her sister at a hotel in Ghana, Anita Joseph coincidentally abandoned her telephones in the taxi. Her underlying concern and frenzy transformed into doubt and appreciation when the cab driver returned her telephones, inciting her to portray him as an "angel."

Anita Joseph took to virtual entertainment to share her experience, communicating her wonder at the cabbie's thoughtfulness. "Well I experienced a Heavenly messenger in Ghana. I went to visit my sister at her hotel 🙆‍♀️ I failed to remember my two telephones inside this taxi and he brought it back 🥲," she composed.

Her post featured the unforeseen bliss and help she felt when the cabbie returned her telephones happily. "We were outside previously calling Bf we saw a taxi wave and said I'm coming 💃💃💃💃he brought it grinning chai 💓 What way of human 💕❤️💛," she shared. Anita Joseph's appreciation reached out indeed, as she likewise compensated the cabbie for his honesty.

She shared a video where she gave him cash, expressing gratitude toward him lavishly and hoping everything works out for him.

This cheering occurrence fills in as a demonstration of the generosity and genuineness tracked down in surprising spots, helping everybody to remember the effect of little thoughtful gestures in our regular routines.


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