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Ghana to host inaugural West Africa Music & Arts Festival in Accra

Ghana is equipping to leave a mark on the world by turning into a critical center point for facilitating significant occasions, as it plans to invite the debut West Africa Music & Arts Festival in Accra.

Planned to traverse four days, starting on June 19th, 2024, at the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, this weighty occasion harmonizes with Ghana's true June 10th festivity, denoting a significant second in the country's social schedule.

The celebration denotes an achievement as the first of its sort in the district, consolidating an energetic Music Industry Meeting pointed toward joining industry players and illuminating general society with a fantastic festival of West Africa's rich social legacy and imaginative variety.

Participants can expect a plenty of enhancing encounters, from charging exhibitions by regarded specialists to drawing in studios, ace classes, and dazzling workmanship establishments, promising an unrivaled festival of music, expressions, and culture. Jasmine Youthful, MBA, prime supporter of the West Africa Music and Expressions Celebration, communicated her fervor about sending off this notable occasion in Accra, accentuating its central goal to fortify diasporic associations and teach the majority about the music and media outlets.

"As prime supporter of the West Africa Music and Expressions Celebration, I'm excited to send off this momentous occasion in Accra, Ghana. "Our celebration was birthed from the philosophy of fortifying the availability of the diasporas and proceeding with crafted by teaching the majority about the Music and Media outlets. "This celebration commends the dynamic social embroidered artwork of West Africa and how it affects the world.

Notwithstanding vigorous and intelligent boards and expert classes, we are displaying the district's rich melodic legacy and creative ability. "Through music, expressions, and local area, we expect to encourage solidarity, variety, and innovativeness universally. This celebration isn't just about amusement; it's tied in with making significant associations and rousing positive change.

"We welcome everybody to go along with us in Accra for a remarkable festival of music, expressions, and culture that will reverberate a long ways past the celebration grounds," expressed Jasmine Youthful, MBA-Prime supporter, Promoting Planner, Teacher and Music Industry Veteran. The celebration's plan incorporates lively boards, ace classes, and a grandstand of the district's melodic legacy and imaginative ability, all outfitted towards cultivating solidarity, variety, and innovativeness on a worldwide scale.

With a different setup crossing sorts like Afrobeat, Highlife, Hip Jump, and that's just the beginning, the celebration expects to engage as well as interface Music and Media outlet experts around the world, participate in clever conversations, and find arising ability across the mainland. "This celebration is something beyond a festival of music and expressions; it's a festival of our common legacy and way of life as West Africans and the whole African Diaspora.

"It's a chance to highlight the surprising ability and imagination inside our common culture and interface with crowds from Ghana and then some," expressed Annabelle McKenzie, the Overseer of the Past The Bring Secretariat back. The West Africa Music and Expressions Celebration is completely embraced by the Ghana The travel industry Authority and upheld by Warner Records Africa - underscoring the celebration's commitment to advancing social trade, encouraging cooperation, and displaying the best of West Africa.

"We are pleased to help the West Africa Music and Expressions Celebration," said Akwasi Agyeman, Chief of the Ghana The travel industry Authority. Annabelle McKenzie, Overseer of the Past The Return Secretariat, featured the celebration's importance in celebrating shared West African legacy, advancing the travel industry, and financial improvement in the district.

Embraced by the Ghana The travel industry Authority and upheld by Warner Records Africa, the celebration highlights its obligation to social trade, coordinated effort, and exhibiting the best of West Africa. Akwasi Agyeman, Chief of the Ghana The travel industry Authority, communicated pride in supporting the celebration, expecting a lively union of guests from all over to encounter Ghana's excellence and imagination.

The celebration's timetable incorporates a welcome function at the Kwame Nkrumah Remembrance Park, board conversations, ace classes instructed by industry symbols, a Juneteenth march, and exhibitions, promising an extraordinary festival of culture.

"This celebration not just commends our lively music and expressions scene yet in addition advances the travel industry and monetary improvement in our locale.

We enthusiastically expect to invite guests from all over to submerge themselves in the excellence and imagination of Ghana."

Arrangements so far is as follows;

Day 1 – Welcome / Opening Celebration @ Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Day 2- Opening Plenary – Panel Discussions

Day 3-Master Classes taught by Music Industry Icons

Day 4-Travel and Tourism / African Association of Ghana Juneteenth Parade / Performances Host Hotel- Labadi Beach Hotel


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