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Ghana’s public health, economy will be undermined by anti-gay bill – US

The passage of Ghana’s Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, commonly known as the anti-gay bill, has raised worries from the US of America.

The bill was supported by Ghana's Parliament on Wednesday, February 28, following broad discussions, commitments, and some resistance. In a proclamation, US State Division Representative Matthew Mill operator communicated stress over the expected effect of the bill on Ghana's general wellbeing, media, metro spaces, and economy.

He stressed that the regulation undermines Ghana's custom of resilience, harmony, and regard for basic liberties. Mill operator required a survey of the bill to defend the privileges of all people in Ghana, refering to its irregularity with the nation's qualities. The representative featured the bill's arrangements that condemn people recognizing as LGBTQI+ and the individuals who neglect to report them, expressing that restricting the privileges of one gathering subverts the freedoms of all.

Mill operator repeated the voices of Ghanaians encouraging a survey of the bill's defendability and cautioned of the likely mischief to business and monetary development in Ghana because of global resistance against segregation. All in all, Mill operator underscored that Ghana's practice of resistance and regard for basic freedoms, which has filled in as a model worldwide, could be subverted assuming that the regulation becomes regulation.

The US stands upset by the regulation and supporters for the security of unavoidably safeguarded opportunities in Ghana.


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