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Ghana’s failure to refine its minerals is deliberate – Bright Simons

The VP of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons has expressed that Ghana's inability to refine its minerals, including gold, bauxite, manganese, and lithium, isn't inadvertent but intentional.

In a post on X stage, Mr Simons underscored that powerful figures inside government are frustrating endeavors to enhance these minerals, subverting the country's true capacity for financial development. "Newsfile watchers will recall my "battle" with a Ghanaian govt mining official over Zimbabwe's decree to compel esteem expansion to lithium and boycott mineral and concentrate sends out.

He guaranteed it wasn't accurate in any event, when we showed reports. It has started, then! The production lines are prepared. "In Ghana? A couple of days prior, the organization with the main lithium mining lease carried wholesalers to examine the site.

They are selling forward 100 percent of all the lithium that will be created.

Therefore, there is no material that can be transformed into carbonate suitable for use in batteries. Basically, there is no real value added. "For the people who figure the inability to increase the value of different minerals Ghana has delivered for a 100 years (like gold, bauxite and manganese) is simply inadvertent; no, it isn't.

Govt insiders won't allow it to work out. End of story." he added. Mr Simons' comments come in the midst of reestablished consideration on Ghana's mineral area, especially considering late advancements in regards to lithium mining. For more than 100 years, Ghana has been a huge maker of different minerals, yet the nation has attempted to profit by its assets by refining them into higher-esteem items.

Atlantic Lithium Limited has received a 15-year lithium mining license from Ghana, enabling the nation to profit from the global lithium market. Atlantic Lithium's Barari DV Ghana Limited holds the lease to build a lithium mine in Ewoyaa, Central Region, subject to obtaining environmental permits from the Minerals Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.


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