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Ghana knocked out of the table tennis singles event at 2023 African Games

All ghana's delegates in the singles event of the table tennis contest at the 2023 African Games have been eliminated.

In the male singles classification, Ghana's delegates included Sam Bernard, Commey Emmanuel, Aklie Israel, Quarcoo Ernest Mawutor, and Adom Amankwaa. In the mean time, Borquaye Bernice, Danso Celia, Joanita Borteye, and Kwabi Cynthia sought Ghana in the female division.

Regardless of their endeavors, the Ghanaian competitors were not generally ready to progress past the quarterfinals. Aklie Israel and Sam Bernard experienced early exits, losing to adversaries from Nigeria and Egypt, separately.

Albeit the ladies' group at first showed guarantee with a few triumphs in the initial rounds, none had the option to advance past the round of 16.

The men's singles table tennis contest closed on Tuesday, Walk 5, 2024.


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