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Getting a BBL is the new trend in the Nigerian movie industry – Actress Eberechukwu

Eberechukwu Bayray Nwizu, a well-known actress in Nollywood, recently spoke about a troubling trend in the Nigerian creative industry.

According to Eberechukwu Bayray, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgeries are becoming increasingly necessary for actresses to secure significant roles from specific producers.

In an interview with TVC's "Wake Up Nigeria," this was made clear.

Ten years ago, it was that you weren't fair enough, tall enough, or big enough; Now it is that you lack BBL.

Nwizu expressed concern regarding the shifting preferences for casting, citing the industry's growing preference for social media sensations over raw talent.

As per her, makers trust that characters with improved actual elements, like BBL, can more readily advance their undertakings in the time of online entertainment strength.

The entertainer, recognizing the business' development in capital and foundation, asked hopeful entertainers not to capitulate to the tension of adjusting to these new norms.

Nwizu emphasized the significance of striking a balance between artistic integrity and decisions motivated by financial gain.

Regardless of perceiving the benefit driven nature of the amusement business, Nwizu urged hopeful entertainers to investigate elective ways.

She talked about the opportunities that streaming platforms offer and encouraged people to make their own content and grow independently.

The good news is that you no longer need to follow their rules. You can benefit from streaming platforms, begin producing your own content, and expand. We have no reasons any longer. There are continuously going to be the people who say, you need to do this to be in my film," she added, pushing for a more comprehensive and various industry.


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