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Funny Face must not be forgiven; his recklessness must not go unpunished – Arnold Baidoo

Entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has started contention with his new remarks in regards to Funny Face's activities and calls for absolution.

In a warmed proclamation, Arnold denounced those upholding for pardoning, expressing that they are uncaring and ailing in judgment. He communicated profound worry for the casualties impacted by Funny Face's activities, featuring the seriousness of their wounds, including inner draining and possible extremely durable handicap.

That's what arnold contended assuming those shielding Funny Face were actually influenced by the episode, their position on pardoning may be unique. Besides, Arnold excused any thoughts of a profound reason behind Funny Face's activities, crediting the occurrence exclusively to Funny Face's errors.

He required the law to follow all the way through, accentuating that assuming there are legitimate ramifications for such activities, they ought to be maintained without a second thought. "He should not be pardoned, there is not any justification for his activities, he is the explanation honest people are lying in the medical clinic," Arnold Baidoo expressed.

Arnold's comments have areas of strength for blended, with many scrutinizing the harmony among pardoning and responsibility in such cases. The debate keeps on unfurling as the public wrestles with varying points of view on equity and recovery. Ghanaian comic and entertainer Silly Face was engaged with an engine mishap at Kasoa in the Central Region.

Recordings flowing via virtual entertainment had observers crouched around the entertainer on Sunday night. As indicated by one observer, he heard an accident following he had left his vehicle. The driver said he went to see Funny Face's vehicle run into a lady with two youngsters and a man on a motorbike.

In any case, most recent improvements show the Kasoa Locale Court has remanded Ghanaian jokester Funny Face in police guardianship for a long time after he hit five walkers with his vehicle.

While his guidance argued for his bail, the arraignment held that more than adequate time would be required for additional examinations concerning the matter.


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