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Free SHS is nothing but a scam – Blakk Rasta

Yet again ghanaian performer and radio character Blakk Rasta has focused on President Akufo Addo's Free Senior High School (Free SHS) strategy, naming it as a tricky instructive plan.

In a new transmission on the Metropolitan Mix show , Blakk Rasta fervently reprimanded the strategy, comparing his abhorrence for it to his repugnance for Satan. Blakk Rasta stated that the Free SHS strategy needs intelligence and reasonableness, accentuating that Autonomous Power Makers (IPPs) have caused critical obligation to keep up with power supply for Ghanaians.

"What sort of instruction would we say we are providing for our youngsters? Free SHS is only a trick. What sort of training would you say you is 'go to class for one month and proceed to sit home for a considerable length of time?' Additional classes left, right, and focus, draining the understudies night and day.

Does this sound good to you?", Blakk Rasta expressed. Also, he highlighted charges made by previous agent serve for energy John Abdulai Jinapor, who guaranteed that the public authority requires $50 million USD to secure fuel, connecting this monetary strain to the continuous blackouts known as 'dumsor.'

The performer and pundit further contended that the Free SHS drive is inconvenient to Ghanaian understudies, affirming that it prompts delayed times of nonattendance from school. He reprimanded the pervasiveness of additional classes that trouble understudies and blamed educators and school overseers for taking advantage of understudies assuming some pretense of giving extra training.

Communicating his scorn for the present status of Free SHS, Blakk Rasta impugned the nature of schooling being offered, refering to occurrences where understudies get lacking feasts and comparing the parts to "gas" because of their daintiness. "I disdain this [Free] SHS schooling the manner in which it stands right now more than I can't stand Satan. You go to the school, and they give them kenkey and some soup.

I heard a portion of the schools presently call it 'gas' since when you put it there and open the cover, it's like gas, exceptionally light. They put the top of the tilapia in there for twelve understudies to share.

Is that your concept of free SHS?" He censured the act of dividing pitiful food segments between numerous understudies and scrutinized the general viability and decency of the strategy.


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