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Fire Service threatens to blacklist Konongo, Nkawie, others due to increasing attacks on its members

Konongo, Nkawie, and the likes of Ahafo face the danger of huge property harm in case of a fire flare-up.

This comes after the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) took steps to blacklist or boycott specific regions over the perpetual assaults on their firemen. This assertion comes following an occurrence on Saturday, February 10, in Konongo, where furious occupants claimed that fire officials answered late to a fire episode. This prompted an assault on the officials and harm to a fire delicate.

On Thursday, February 22, at a briefing for the media, GNFS Public Relations Officer (PRO) ADO 1 Alex King Nartey talked about how out-of-date equipment causes response delays. He underlined that many fire tenders are somewhere in the range of 15 and 20 years of age, representing a huge concern. "Awfully, we generally say that our planned operations are exceptionally deficient. The majority of our fire tenders are somewhere in the range of 15, and 20 years of age, an extremely stressing circumstance.

As I address you now, Kasoa and Weija, their delicate battling is down and out, so in the event that there's any fire at Kasoa, the apparatus will either need to move from Anyaa or Budumburam, that is exceptionally terrible. "So that's what it intends assuming there is any fire inside the Budumburam region, and one of the Budumburam most likely taken care of that fire, it implies we need to call a lot further machine, presumably from Dansoman, to take care of it. As you can see, we are attempting to salvage the remaining small appliances. Nartey detailed further attacks ablaze officials in Ahafo and Nkawie, prompting wounds requiring hospitalization.

Given these continuous difficulties, the GNFS is thinking about boycotting regions where their work force are in danger of attack. "So it turns out to be extremely shocking when they go to put their dissatisfaction on us. So the thing we are concluding to do is set out on a blacklist on regions that are known to continuously need to go after our men in light of the fact that, presently, a couple of days after this report was made, one more assault happened to our men at Ahafo.

Three or four have been hospitalized, and I'm in any event, hearing at Nkawie, another issue has occurred." To rescue this, Mr Nartey approached the public authority to guarantee convenient acquirement and supply of new hardware as well as build more fire stations across the country. Gathering pioneers were additionally approached to teach their occupants about fire security.


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