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Fire destroys commercial vehicle at Lapaz

A commercial vehicle working on the Lapaz-Tema highway was burnt up close to Tema station at Lapaz on Saturday, February 3, 2024, after it was engulfed by fire.

The awful episode happened in broad day light.

According to eye witnesses, there were no reported casualties before the brief appearance of the fire service.

A dealer by the name Elizabeth said "Today, I deferred in coming to work thus as I got to work this evening, I understood that my co-merchants were nowhere to be found. So I figured they could have gotten down to business very much like me."

"So after I had organized my things to start selling, I immediately realized a vehicle had come to leave before me with smoke coming from it. The driver quickly endeavored to douse the fire utilizing sand and water, for certain spectators participating in the endeavors. Nonetheless, the circumstance heightened, provoking me to call for help critically."

A gathering of youthful people accumulated to assist with containing the fire before the Fire Administration work force showed up to douse the flares completely."

Akosua Tenewaa additionally added, "I was at Tema station to send a few things to my child at Ada Sege. I understood that a fire was consuming in a vehicle. So at the outset, they lit extinguishing the fire with unadulterated water and they later utilized sand. Before the fire administration would show up, the vehicle had been denounced by the fire."

"No one was in the vehicle, it was the driver and the mate just and no one got injured and everyone was remaining until the vehicle driver came."

Specialists are working constantly to discover the elements that prompted this disturbing occurrence and to guarantee the wellbeing of suburbanites on the Lapaz-Tema interstate.


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