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Find out more details surrounding fatal shooting of military officer in Kasoa

Various news sources have detailed the homicide of a soldier at Kasoa, with a viral video of the occurrence circling via virtual entertainment platforms like X and Facebook.

The occurrence happened in Kasoa Millennium City, where the departed was lethally shot over a land dispute. Police in the space were at that point researching the issue before the shooting.

New subtleties have surfaced in regards to the conditions encompassing the episode and the character of the aggressor.

New details have emerged:

Two other soldiers endure the shooting, having been apparently present in the vehicle during the firearm assault.

It is still unknown where they are at the moment. Adom News reports that the trio was the target of an alleged land guard who was identified as a sub-chief. The shot struck the officer who was situated in the driver's situation. A video shared via web-based entertainment portrays the official drooped in his seat, with the vehicle stopped in a trench, probably in the wake of letting completely go.

The back window is broken, and blood should be visible overflowing from the departed's head district. The neglected vehicle sits on a forsaken stretch of street, without any indication of the other two officials. The Adom News report demonstrates that the officials were in transit to the Thousand years City Police at the Focal East Order to heighten a report they had recorded in regards to the land issue when they experienced harsh criticism from the land watch.

According to the Adom FM report, Kofi Asmah, the owner of 21st Century Construction Company, which sold the in question land, has accused the Millennium City police of failing to respond appropriately, citing alleged corruption within their ranks.

At the hour of this report, neither the Ghana Police Administration nor the Ghana Military has given an authority explanation in regards to the occurrence.

Virtual entertainment clients have responded to the news with a combination of dread and joke.


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