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Find a side hustle or stay poor – Veteran musician Samuel Owusu advises young artistes

Regarded Highlife artist known for hits like 'Abusua Kyiri Ka,' Samuel Owusu shared significant guidance for yearning performers.

Drawing upon his broad melodic excursion that started with the arrival of his presentation collection in 1992, Owusu underscored the significance of enhancing a music vocation with elective kinds of revenue.

The carefully prepared craftsman supported youthful people wandering into the music business to broaden their interests. Owusu alerts against exclusively depending on music for food, stating that such reliance could prompt dissatisfaction. During the meeting, he featured his own methodology by uncovering contribution in different organizations and stresses the requirement for a comprehensive way to deal with profession arranging.

Owusu's direction reaches out past melodic capability; he effectively prompts hopeful specialists to survey their schooling and range of abilities. He questioned whether they have sought after training and procured extra abilities, building up the possibility that a balanced establishment improves one's possibilities in the serious music industry.

All in all, the veteran Highlife maestro advocates for a decent system, encouraging hopeful performers to pursue their melodic dreams while at the same time getting elective roads of pay through training or extra professional abilities.


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