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Few Ghanaian movies on Netflix because we lack distributors – Film critic

Ghanaian film critic Tony Asankomah as of late examined the issue of film conveyance in Ghana and its effect.

During a new interview on Joy FM's Showbiz A-Z, he featured the dissemination hole as the justification behind the lower perceivability of Ghanaian movies on Netflix. "A ton goes into it, discussing the quality and the norms, the necessities that they need to empower you get your film onto Netflix. However, I have kept up with and I'm saying this that, our most concerning issue as a space is on the grounds that we don't have Ghanaian merchants who figure out the landscape for dissemination of movies now."

"So every one of the Ghanaian movies that you see on Netflix, they didn't arrive by some coincidence. They went a be a Nigerian or South African through a merchant organization who comprehends the model and these conveyance organizations generally have a share of movies they need to submit.

So obviously, I'm from this country, I would focus on happy coming from my country that content coming from Ghana," he told the host Kwame Dadzie. He brought up that he had noticed a few magnificent Ghanaian movies unfit to arrive at Netflix because of the wholesaler they worked with. Also, he referenced seeing low quality movies from different locales making it onto Netflix. He likewise referenced the test of interest meeting supply as a component adding to the shortage of Ghanaian films on Netflix.

"We have come to comprehend how Nigerians paying for membership. So assuming Netflix is paying for their information they know where the cash is coming from. They realize the people who are paying something else for membership. They will engage them. They take a gander at the examination and know the sort of movies they watch, these are the sort of happy they are keen on," he said.

Netflix is an American over-the-top (SVOD) membership video on-request administration that essentially streams unique and procured motion pictures and television series across various types. It is open all around the world in different dialects.

A few Ghanaian movies on Netflix are 'The Internment of Kojo', 'Keteke', 'Azali', 'Gold Coast Parlor', 'Side Stylish Pack', 'Aloe Vera', 'Ties That Tight spot', among others.


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