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Family demands answers from Ashaiman mortuary over missing corpse

Concerns and clarification from a local mortuary are being sought by a family in Ashaiman in response to claims that the mortuary has lost track of their relative's body.

The family claims that they have been unable to locate the body despite completing all required paperwork and making arrangements for its release. Pastor Ebenezer Nartey, speaking on behalf of the family, voiced dissatisfaction with the mortuary's management.

He stated that they had given the body to the mortuary with the understanding that on April 20, 2024, it would be released to them for transportation to Kakasuna No. 1. However, they have reportedly not received a response from the mortuary's management. “We lost a member of our church, so we deposited the body at Trinity Mortuary and made the necessary arrangements for us to pick it up today.

The family sent a delegation to the Trinity office yesterday to inform them to get our body ready for collection today so that it could be taken to Kakasuna No. 1," Pastor Nartey went on to say. "We have been unable to locate our body despite our arrival at 3:00 PM." Mary Animley is the name of the deceased.

The mortuary's officers' lack of communication and reception is concerning. We need our body right now, and it's past six o'clock.

Trinity and the family have completed all necessary paperwork and agreements, he added.

The distress of the family demonstrates that mortuaries must communicate promptly and openly when dealing with such sensitive matters.


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