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Family conducts cleansing rites for soldier killed in Kasoa

To mark one week since Lance Corporal Michael Danso tragically lost his life in Kasoa, his family got back to the site where he was shot to death to lead a purifying custom.

Following custom, the family performed ceremonies and poured drinks at the location of the episode to work with the profound return of their child as found in a viral video. Recordings of the service portrayed customary pioneers and individuals from the fighter's family pouring drinks and presenting chants. L/Cpl Michael Danso was trapped in the crossfire of a land debate at Kasoa Thousand years City, where he was mercilessly shot on various occasions close to a police headquarters.

The trooper lost his life on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, in an unmerited assault while going with his associate, Cpl Omar Abdul-Rahman, to his half plot of land at Kasoa, where reports recommended somebody was infringing. The excellent suspect for the situation, Benlord Ababio, purportedly participated in a showdown with the warriors at the police headquarters, prompting the lethal shooting of Spear Corporal Danso.

As per both the Ghana Military and the Ghana Police Administration, the debate based on a half plot of land guaranteed by Spear Corporal Omar Abdul Rahman, who was available during the occurrence alongside Spear Corporal Ametus Matthew. As opposed to beginning reports, the officers apparently looked for police mediation before the showdown raised. During the quarrel at the police headquarters, shots were discharged, bringing about Spear Corporal Danso supporting lethal wounds.

The police incapacitated and captured the shooter after understanding the seriousness of the circumstance. The Ghana Military recovered Spear Corporal Danso's body, which has since been put in the funeral home at the 37 Military Emergency clinic.


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