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Fadda Dickson called Medikal to apologize backdoor while MzGee is unapologetic- Shatta on Medikal saga

Self proclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale has divulged a behind the stage compromise exertion between Fadda Dickson Narh, Managing Director of Despite Media Group, and Medikal following the explosive United Showbiz interview that sparked a public feud with MzGee.

In an elite TikTok talk with Afia Schwarzenegger, Shatta Wale revealed Fadda Dickson's expression of remorse to Medikal and encouraged for persistence in the midst of the warmed fallout. The debate originated from MzGee's testing into Medikal's own existence with Fella Makafui, eclipsing his fruitful O2 Indigo show in London, drawing analysis from Shatta Wale and Afia Schwarzenegger, big fans of Medikal, who sent off a web-based entertainment blast against MzGee.

Shatta Ridge, specifically, hammered MzGee and embroiled her bosses, Dr. Osei Kwame Regardless of and Fadda Dickson, in the continuous debate. Nonetheless, he later uncovered Fadda Dickson's endeavors to repair spans with Medikal, communicating lament regardless of MzGee's indicated absence of regret. "Fadda Dickson called MzGee to apologize yet didn't permit MzGee to deliver an open acknowledgment. MzGee has still not apologized.

That is the very thing they do, and the public won't be aware of it," Shatta communicated, scrutinizing the treatment of the circumstance. Afia Schwarzenegger tolled in, censuring the pattern of private conciliatory sentiments by media pioneers for public discussions while the elaborate gatherings stay proud in open discussions, marking it a typical practice among media houses. "In the mean time, MzGee is perched on Instagram flapping her gums.

They will tell you sh*t, and when you respond, their managers will call you in the background and apologize. Every one of the media houses do this," Afia Schwarzenegger condemned.


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