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Ex-Real Madrid player seeks divorce after learning he is not the biological father of his children

Geremi, a former Chelsea and Real Madrid midfielder, has filed for divorce after learning that he is not the biological father of his children.

The choice came after a DNA test uncovered that his significant other's ex is the natural dad of the twin kids, whom Geremi had accepted to be his own. The revelation broke up the couple's relationship, according to court documents obtained by The Sun, causing Geremi significant emotional distress.

The discovery of the children's true paternity caused irreparable harm to their marital harmony despite the fact that the couple did not have any biological children together.

Geremi, who delighted in effective spells in La Liga and the Chief Association, addressed Genuine Madrid and Chelsea prior to resigning from proficient football.

Currently, his former clubs are experiencing different fortunes, with Real Madrid leading La Liga and competing for the Champions League title, while Chelsea struggles in the Premier League but remains in contention for the FA Cup.


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